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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) has recently launched a beta version of its new cloud-based trademark search system, marking a significant development in modernizing and streamlining the trademark application process.

If you have previously used the USPTO’s Trademark Electronic Search System (“TESS”), you likely noticed room for improvement in its user interface and functionality. This new system aims to replace the search tool with a more intuitive and efficient platform.

In this initial beta release, the new tool offers both basic and advanced search options to accommodate users’ varying research needs. Its industry-standard search syntax makes navigating trademark databases simpler than before. Although the full range of features is still in progress, this early version demonstrates the USPTO’s commitment to enhancing users’ experience.

User feedback has played an integral role in shaping this new system, and the USPTO encourages continued feedback to further refine the interface before its official launch. Those interested in testing upcoming features may also volunteer to test out new features. The introduction of this updated cloud-based search tool marks an important milestone for the USPTO in bringing trademark research into the 21st century. With its streamlined design and robust capabilities, it promises to make safeguarding your brand more seamless than ever before. Stay tuned for additional functionality in the full launch.

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