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A   cliencentered  intellectual property

 boutique law firm


As a small business, itself, Tailored IP understands that IP owners often face limited options when seeking legal assistance to protect their trademarks or copyrights. Traditional law firms provide high-quality services but can be costly, while online services like LegalZoom offer lower prices at the expense of quality, exposing the mark to potential future issues that tend to be much more expensive than spending the extra fees on legal expertise from the start. This "you get what you pay for" approach (i.e., either quality services for high premiums or bargain-quality services for a bargain price) leaves a wide gap in the market for proficient yet affordable legal services.

Tailored IP Solutions strives to address this gap by offering lower costs and focused expertise akin to boutique firms, while emphasizing open communication and value-added services. To make legal counsel more accessible to IP owners, Tailored IP employs several strategies:

  • Encouraging IP owners to consult with legal counsel early in the process of securing IP protection. This approach promotes smarter investments, prevents spending on unattainable IP, and minimizes legal disputes. To enhance accessibility to legal counsel during the early stages, Tailored IP integrates these discussions into initial consultations without charging a separate fee.

  • When an IP owner is ready to register their IP, Tailored IP provides clearance opinions and outlines strategic options for achieving IP protection. The firm prioritizes steps based on each client's goals and budget, possibly limiting registrations or creating a timetable to focus on the most important and/or at-risk IP first.


  • For clients with active registrations, Tailored IP Solutions maintains a proactive role in portfolio management. Instead of reacting only when a concrete deadline is due, Tailored IP periodically reviews IP portfolios and alerts clients to potential issues or beneficial actions.

  • Ensuring that the client remains in control. ​Rather than requiring one flat fee up front or sending an invoice for a surprising number of hours at a high billable rate, Tailored IP makes sure to break down costs by milestone, each due when they are actually required, leaving clients with the option to change course if complications arise or their situations change.

These are just a few of the many initiatives that Tailored IP undertakes to make legal services more accessible to IP owners. However, the list is not exhaustive. As Tailored IP adopts an individualized approach when working with each client, no single list can encompass all the initiatives that the firm would pursue in any particular case.

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